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Coins Worth Saving

Every coin must be judged on its own merit, and the assistance of an experienced dealer is invaluable.  Generally speaking, however, we prefer to deal in coins that exhibit the following characteristics:

1.  Great eye appeal- Within every grade level, some coins are more attractive than others.  Choose the most attractive overall noting strike, luster, marks, toning, and other visual characteristics.  There can be marked differences in value within the same coin grade.

2.  Rarity- Overall rarity exists when few examples of a particular coin are available in all grades.  Condition rarity means rarity only in higher grades.  Either will generally enhance value.  Beware, however, of conditionally rare modern coins, where millions of other examples in high grade may be waiting to be discovered or certified.  Also be sure there is a collector base- some coins are rare, but no one wants them.

3.  Popularity- Greater collector and investor demand can lead to greater values.  Many series have time-proven appeal, including Morgan dollars, Indian and Lincoln cents, Mercury dimes, Buffalo nickels, and several series of gold U.S. coins.  Key dates (the hardest to obtain) within these series have generally shown the greatest increase in value.

4.  Problem-Free-The coin should not be cleaned, altered, scratched, ex-jewelry, corroded, pitted, or otherwise damaged.  This does not include normal circulation, which will affect grade but not detract from value within the grade.  Some coins are so rare that any example is desirable, so there are numerous exceptions.  However, most coins that have been "improved" by humans are worth much less than their unimproved counterparts.  Original coin surfaces are rewarded by grading services and collectors alike.

5.  Certified-Third party grading is not critical for dealers or knowledgeable collectors/investors.  Nevertheless, it expands the universe of potential buyers when it's time to sell.  It also increases the likelihood that less knowledgeable heirs will receive a fair sale value if the owner dies.  For higher value coins, it's generally better to choose those that either have been or can be certified by PCGS or NGC.  Certification by other companies may be acceptable if their standards match those of PCGS and NGC, but they do not command the same respect in the marketplace.  Be cautious on coins certified in a grade with a big price jump over the next lower grade- make sure they are solid for the grade assigned.

6.  Numismatic Value vs. Bullion Value- coins whose value is based solely on their metallic content (gold, silver, platinum) have historically proven to be poor long-term investments.  Coins with numismatic value, carefully chosen and held for extended periods of time, have generally rewarded their owners handsomely.  bullion coins can be a perfectly legitimate hedge against inflation and financial panic, but numismatic coins are historically the better long-term bet.

Coins meeting these criteria have historically gained value.  Our coins are screened for these characteristics before they are offered to our customers.


Disclaimer: Coins are not a registered investment.  Solid Rock Rarities, LLC is not a registered securities or commodities agent or broker.  This information is provided for informational purposes only and is believed to be reliable, but Solid Rock Rarities, LLC does not guarantee its accuracy nor offer such information as  investment advice.  Purchases of rare coins are speculative and involve substantial risks of loss and may not be suitable for all investors. Past performance does not guarantee and may not be indicative of future price movements


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